Lena Horne

I am constantly researching Black women who have had success & great impact on our world- especially in entertainment & especially performers. Seeing those who have gone before me... with greater obstacles inspires me in a huge way. If they could... I can... we can. Thank you Lena Horne. I love this short clip of her interview with Ed Bradley. She ends with talking about her song (& one of my favorites)- Believe in Yourself. Hope it inspires you. -ily AK

Our girls: Heather Lowery

Talent agent. Super mom. Entrepreneur. So happy that one of my besties is getting some shine on Black Enterprise--discussing her rise to become a premiere talent agent who owns her own company. It's remarkable and amazing that her company has been in biz for 10 years. It seems like yesterday that we used to share a one bedroom studio. Love her and I couldn't be more proud! 

Check out the full article by clicking on the image below. Keep shining!