The Story of Milk + Honey

Dear Dreamer,

We hear you. We know you. And we know there is a burning mustard seed of faith within you. Here's the good news - you have everything you need to go after your dream. Take this letter as your "sign". This is your prompt... to jump. 

Milk + Honey is a faith project -  a dream project. It is an idea that God whispered in our ear. We like you, wanted to see images that reflected us - our beauty, our struggles, our passions, our love, our flaws, our fears, our history and future.... And can there be some cute outfits, dope music and beautiful beat faces too? IJS. We know the journey to your dreams takes courage. And for black woman, the truth is - we are up against so much. Our faith is inherently strong, but our responsibilities are great. We have to hold down our families, and let’s be honest - going after your dreams requires money. Actually, it requires generational wealth. Something most of us do not have. So, the journey to our dreams is filled with hurdles. Our confidence waivers and it is easy to give up. But Milk + Honey is the story of perseverance - the story of when faith meets opportunity. The story of you.

This journey has been filled with triumphs and silence. The wins, the articles and buzz create much noise, but it is in the silence that we have grown. It is in the stillness we have become grateful. It is in this moment we have reflected on the reason we created milk + honey. 

And with three episodes (yes only three- do you know how much they cost? Lol, but we digress) we are back at the beginning. Which we know is a rich place to be. We are so thankful for your support and your unwavering love for our characters, Nia, Samirah and Harper. And we love that you love our men...they're fine, right? You're welcome. Wink wink. And let’s not mention the legendary Debbie Allen in Milk + Honey. What a blessing. We are so grateful for our cast and crew that has believed in our project from day one. We are also so appreciative of the platform Issa Rae and her team have provided. And who doesn't love Issa!

We hope we can continue to produce milk + honey and you will continue to watch, on whatever medium that might be. 

It is our wish that witnessing our journey and seeing images of women, specifically black women going after their dreams shifts you, inspires you, and validates your dream. If that has happened, we have won.

xo brown paper dolls


The girls get a surprise visit from Harper's boss. #lovedreamsgo @milkandhoneyseries brown paper dolls present... milk + honey a scripted series Never-before-seen episodes are set to premiere on Issa Rae’s YouTube channel on Wednesday, June 21, 2017. #lovedreamsgo


I've been thinking a lot about the power of being consistent lately. I ran across this and Tony Robbins explains it wonderfully. Those big moments of success don't just fall from the sky. They are the culmination of thousands of decisions, some big but mostly small, and repetition of the right rituals.

What rituals are going to fuel the life you're meant to live?

- JM